Patrick Ingwer (voices, composing, production, label)
– with 9 years education in playing guitar, then 2 years education in playing piano at the local school for music education
– 1987 going to special school for education in music in Wernigerode (Germany) with concentrated education in singing and piano playing
– 1989 end of school
– 1991 COMMOTION was founded (canceled in 1992)
– at the begnning of 1993 POINT OF VIEW was founded together with Mike Briese
– 2th-3th of october 1995, production of the first release EP „it cannot be“
– 1th of december 1995, EP „it cannot be“ released under the SUNRISE label / Hamburg (Germany)
– October 1996, CD-album „o.n.e.“ was recorded (o.ver n.ight e.xcited) by Guido leFric at the ORBIT-X studios, Goslar (Germany)
– January 1997, signed under WESTCOM (Gelsenkirchen, Germany)
– 24th of june 1997, album „o.n.e.“ released at VISAGE Records / SPV
– at the beginning of 1998 POV changed the label to FRAME Records (NovaTEKK, Germany)
– March 1998, CD-album „events“ recorded at the ORBIT-X studios, Goslar (Germany), by Guido leFric
– 1th of july 1998, album „events“ released at FRAME Records / NovaTEKK
– January 1999, Mike Briese sad good bye to POINT OF VIEW

Dirk Wellborn (lyrics, keys, drums)
– 1988 education at the drums while the army
– 1990 guitar-pop group EXCUSE was founded
– 1993 Dirk left together with Martin Otto EXCUSE and established GREGORY┬┤S RE-TURN, GREGORY┬┤S RE-TURN will be well famous in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) and „mutate“ slowly to a boygroup, therefore:
– October of 1996 Dirk left GREGORY`S RE-TURN
– At the beginning of 1997 DALE was founded
– January 1998 produktion of the maxi-single „amber“ by Patrick Ingwer and DALE with followed release and some sample
– 1999 entrance into POINT OF VIEW

Matthias Blanke (keys, 2nd voices)
– 1990 EXCUSE as a guitarpop band was found with 4 guys (voice, keys, guitars, drums)
– 1993 EXCUSE is converting into a synthpop band with the sound of the 80’s and the style of modern times
– the band has now 2 members with Sven (keys, 2nd voices) and Matthias (voices, keys, programming)
– 1995 release of „I’ve had enough“ at the Zelebral Sampler Vol. III
– 1999 Sven Lachmann left EXCUSE
– 2001 release of the coverversion „only you“ by Yazoo under the project SUGARTRAX at the NEW WAVE UNDERCOVER sampler
– 2005 entrance into POINT OF VIEW

… further
– March of 1999 the production and the recordings of the album „despair & delight“ starts at the SYNERGY studio by Patrick Ingwer
– 14th of june 1999, album „despair & delight“ released at FRAME Records / NovaTEKK
– 2006 the band own record label Macchiato Records was founded
– 5th november 2007, release of CD-album „popmusik“ at Macchiato Records